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For our 2020 collection willowlamp has released an all-new lamp type, a collection of 41 new wall light designs. These are mainly linked to existing families so for example the ‘flower of life’ chandelier series now comes in a matching wall-sconce. However there are also 5 new designs that are ‘wall-light’ only designs such as the ‘half-pipe’ and ‘2-folded circle’ families. There are two types of Wall Lamps in the collection. We have ‘Wall-Sconces’ are typically ‘half-shaped’ designs that are mounted directly to a wall. And ‘Wall-Lanterns’ which hang from a wall mounting above the light.

The all-new wall-mounted lamps facilitate a new design dynamic between directional lighting, artworks and objet d’art, allowing for more exciting décor possibilities. willowlamp’s new wall-mounted designs are as follows:


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