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Bespoke Lighting Design

Bespoke designer lighting

Bespoke Designer Lighting

Bespoke lights from willowlamp will give your space a unique and stylish designer atmosphere.

Unleash your creativity and let your imagination fly to create the perfect willowlamp that represents your individual style in unique designer lighting. Our custom willowlamp design service is ideal for creating a beautiful and striking impact on any room. We have created bespoke installations for hotels and private homes all over the world.

Custom made willowlamps can be large installations, one-off creations or limited editions. willowlamp’s patented notch system is so simple yet so versatile, giving us the flexibility to give form to your individual ideas. We are able to custom design bespoke lighting that brings life to any space, regardless of height, volume or shape. We welcome our customers to let their imaginations run wild and develop their very own unique willowlamp creation or lighting installation using our patented faster free system. We have been commissioned to create a wide variety of lighting designs to suit any space from a large hotel foyer to a restaurant or home from something quite small and delicate to massive 3-tonne sculptural lighting installations...

We are well equipped to work alongside other designers to develop spectacular bespoke lighting masterpieces or we can develop something unique based on your unique custom lighting specifications, it is up to the client how involved they want to be in the process.

When you design your own willowlamp it will be a true one-off that does not exist anywhere else in the world. When you invest in a willowlamp, it will be a true investment in style, creativity and individual expression.


Bespoke Lights

The Pod - designer pendant light
The Pod, normally long and slender has been
modified in proportion into a wide ‘basket-like’ form
The Protea - designer chandelier light
A large Protea where chrome to brass chain has
been gradually blended to create a colour gradient
Bespoke designer lighting
A massive extruded geometric Islamic star
pattern in various metallic chain finishes.
Flower of Life - large multiple level contemporary chandelier
Here we literally stacked our ‘flower of life’ design
to create a single large multiple level chandelier.

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